Women Space, Niš

Women Space is a female activist organization which focuses on empowering women from marginalized social groups, and on contributing towards improvement of living environment. We want a society built on social justice and equality.


We started our gatherings in 1997 and we officially registered in 1998. That is when a group of young activists from Niš recognized the need to have a city space where women can organize and empower women that also belong to other discriminated groups.

In the beginning, we gathered Roma students, women from Roma communities, women who were displaced during past ex-Yugoslavia civil wars, persons of different than heterosexual orientation , single mothers, in order to encourage women’s self-organizing skills. Some of the above mentioned groups went on to self-organize which was our goal.

LGBT teme

Women Space transitioned very quickly from local to national level of action via active networks. We are also active in international networks and activities.

Our main focus is on supporting women’s and minorities’ activism, promoting feminist and anti-fascist values, impacting public opinion, fighting against prejudice and stereotypes.


We are working on initiating systemic solutions for problems marginalized groups and specially Roma women face, such as making action plans for Roma women’s status improvement in Serbian cities and counties. We have initiated these documents in 30 cities and counties, together with Association Ternipe from Pirot, Roma Women’s Center Bibija and other Roma women’s organization and initiatives.

Documenting Roma women’s human rights abuse cases is one of our most important activities. We participate in alternative reporting on human rights of Roma women in Serbia, by international standards, such as UN’s CEDAW.

We have started the Month of Roma Women’s Activism, which now gathers all members of Roma Women’s Network as well as other organizations.

zajedno mozemo

Women Space is one of the starting organizations of Roma Women’s Network and subnetwork Together We Can, which gather Roma women’s groups of Southern Serbia.

We have started other activities such as: economic strengthening of women, literacy, educational program for women and girls from Roma communities, during previous years. We are one of the organizations from Niš that has started FemNiš – Festival of women’s activism and art, which was held from 2010 to 2013.

Feministicka letnja skola

We have been organizing Feminist Summer School for young women and social studies students of Serbia for the past seven years.

We are part of the feminist movement in Serbia. We are also one of the starting members of the Network for European Women’s Lobby Serbia, which is part of European Women’s Lobby.

Romska zenska mreza

Women Space is also part of Women in Black, network that supports peace politics and confronting the past.

Zene u crnom

We are members of Antifascist collective made of Niš organizations, devoted to continue the antifascist values and the fight against right-wing extremism.

We support peace politics and non-violence and we focus on recognizing the connection between human rights and animals rights, or speciesism and patriarchy.



Women Space

Phone: +381 18 52 28 45

E-mail:   zp@zenskiprostor1.org

Website: www.zenskiprostor.org

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/%C5%BDENSKI-PROSTOR/101536989889552?fref=ts



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