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Novi video – Vera Kurtić i Radmila Nešić govore o snazi aktivistkinja i novim izazovima za ROMSKU ŽENSKU MREŽU:

12 thoughts on “VIDEO”

  1. Zorica, it sounds like you’ve worked very hard and made huge strides to get where you are. Best wishes to you that your dreams continue to grow and prosper. Very inspiring.

  2. It is wonderful seeing Roma women succeed. There are many amazing Roma women here in Italia and I see the persecution they endure. Bless you! What a great role model for the young Roma women!

  3. Zorica, your absolute love for teaching and the children you work with is so evident in this video. Keep working towards your dreams and imagine how you will inspire those children to reach their own dreams. Well done!

  4. Zorica, congratulations of all your success. It is wonderful to see a young woman succeed in doing what she loves. Continue to inspire other young women to follow their dreams and do what they love!

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