Roma Women’s Initiative – Srem

Our initiative gathers women of Vojvodina’s territory of Srem. We have been working on empowerment in various spheres since 2008. We want to have an impact on poverty decrease and on quality of life improvement for Roma men and women.


We cover Roma communities in Ruma, Stara Pazova, Stari Banovci, Vojka and Indjija, and our work is adjusted to their needs.

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We strive to encompass as many themes as possible, which bring awareness of the Roma women’s status. During workshops, we talk about family abuse women and children face.


We promote the importance of education, economic independence, and political participation of Roma women. We organize workshops that tackle this issues. We support educational goals of girls and we also talk about the issues that arise from early marriage, for both men and women.


We think that the economic empowerment of Roma women leads to better quality of life and equality.


We  are working on strengthening capacities through education and cooperation.That is how Roma Women’s Initiative Srem grew into an organization Life As An Inspiration in 2014. Main focus of this organization is social protection and human rights of women. Headquarters is located in Novi Sad, but we are expanding beyond.


We are members of Roma Women Network and we participate annualy in Month of Roma Women’s Activism.



Phone: + 381 63 14 47 510


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