Roma Women’s Initiative Ljubovija

Ljubovija is a county in Western Serbia, bordering with Bosnia and home to about fifty Roma families. There are no registered Roma associations in this county. Informal women’s gathering grew into Roma women’s initiative out of need to change our lives.

2014. (4) Radionica u opstini Osecina

In cooperation with the local institutions and organizations, we have organized several actions in Ljubovija and surrounding counties.

2010. (1b)

One of the workshops tackled the topic of Roma women’s activism and positive examples of women actively involved in problem solving. Since that workshop, our work has been focused on motivating and empowering women to be the decision makers.

2014. (5.) Banja Koviljaca

Education is an important topic for us. We are communicating with mothers and we are encouraging them to support their daughters’ education, through high school and university. Students of high schools and universities show through their stories just how important an education is.

2014. (3) Jalovik

We also organized workshops on topics of political participation and importance of participation in elections. We introduced women to the process of entering Special Election List, as well as details of history and duties of National Council. We offered information on fulfillment of individual and collective rights through this representative body.


Our initiative is a part of Roma Women Network.

We follow media reports on Roma men and women. We publicly call out media coverage that spread stereotypes, prejudice and hate speech towards Roma populations and women in general. We reacted when a commercial that offended Roma people was released. Commercial was aired on Radio Station Ljubovija and the editors of that radio took it off the air after we reached out.


We actively participate in campaign of Roma Women’s Activism. More than thirty women from different organizations and Roma communities attended the projection of the movie Different in 2012. This action played a key role in motivating girls to continue their education.


Roma Women’s Initiative Ljubovija

Phone: +381 64 31 38 565



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