Roma Women’s Initiative in Kragujevac

Since the 90s, Kragujevac has been accomplishing a lot of activities which support human rights of Roma women. We are introducing to you two organizations that worked on this: Educational-Cultural Association of Roma: Rromanipen and Integrative Global Center.

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Rromanipen has been established in 2005, in order to contribute improvement of quality of life of Roma, through education. We think that education leads to better social integration, social status, and economic independence, while preserving cultural identity and affirmation of a healthy way of life.

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Our activities have been focused on elevating education aspiration of young Roma people, on all levels of educational process. We organize educational and creative workshops for the youth, which main focus is preserving cultural identity. We work with their parents, as well.

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We cooperate with employees of education centers, in order to increase the quality of education of Roma kids. We also work with educators on raising awareness when working with marginalized groups.

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We are working on systemic problem solving for Roma community in Kragujevac. We are active in improvement of Local inclusive educational politics towards Roma. We are working on setting up a team to help with redefining of Local action plan for Roma in education segment, which would continuously follow the implementation process.

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We are for Local Action Plan for Roma Women, too.

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We participate in Month of Roma Women’s Activism every year, through human rights of women workshops and panels.

Integrative Global Center

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Intergrative Global Center is a recently formed association made up of women only. We have gathered in 2014 with aim to focus on promotion of gender equality and gender identity respect. We work on overcoming prejudice, development of tolerance, and openness for differences.

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In our up to date work, together with Health Center Kragujevac, we have organized health check ups and health workshops in Roma communities.


Our activists participate for the first time this year in Month of Roma Women’s Activism campaign.

At the opening of this campaign, we worked on March 8th demonstrations signage. We organized an action: Drinking coffee with… in City Assembly space, in order to connect Roma women with women representatives of local institutions.



Educational-Cultural Association of Roma – Rromanipen

Phone: +381 34 31 18 69




Integrative Global Center

Phone: +381 60 32 59 711

E-mail:   023fd8c96a99c29bcc5527b61e60c6f2


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