Roma Women’s Center – Veliki Crljeni

Roma Women’s Center from Veliki Crljeni works on active improvement of Roma women’s rights in Lazarevac county since 2002.


We created an organization since there was a need in our local community for encouragement of unemployed women as well as women who survived abuse.

In the beginning, we distributed humanitarian aid within the  community center in Veliki Crljeni. We established a relationship with the local institutions and other civil society organizations. We have started the conversation about Roma women’s position in important decision making processes in local communities.


We cast light on the problem of violence against Roma women. We have researched and analyzed Roma women’s participation in reporting of the family abuse cases. We are focused on the education and defense of family violence victims, work with antisocial children and education of young couples.


Current project encompass education, legal help, healthcare prevention and economic strengthening through entrepreneurship.

We have organized multiple workshops and round tables that focus on Roma women. Together with our sister organizations Roma Women’s Center Bibija from Belgrade, and Women Space from Niš, we initiated a local action plan for improvement of national minorities’ position in Lazarevac County. We were active participants in its creation and implementation process.


During May Floods of 2014, we distributed humanitarian help to the citizens of flooded and endangered Lazarevac County. We held psychosocial workshops to help women and children, while volunteers from our organization worked on clean up of the flooded area.



Roma Women Center

Phone: +381 63 77 53 772





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