Roma Women’s Center Romnjako Ilo, Zrenjanin

Romnjako Ilo (Heart of a Roma Woman) exists since 2007. We defend a right to bodily integrity and autonomy (exclusive control of one’s own body).

c2c We empower Roma women to freely make decisions regarding their life choices. We are actively working on abolishment of traditional negative values in Roma community, such as child marriage and arranged marriage, discrimination and prejudice within the community.


Through workshops and round tables, we attempt to bring up the level of Roma community’s sensitivity towards the rarely spoken about topics. We are starting the dialogue on the topic of sexuality.

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Our target group are Roma women with sexual orientation other than heterosexual, as well as all of  women in the community who improve its status by supporting, understanding and accepting the differences.


On this journey, we have faced many challenges – from community’s lack of support to financial issues that threaten organization’s future. Roma Society from Novi Bečej has shown support by allowing us set up an office in their space.


Our activities cover Roma communities in Zrenjanin, Novi Bečej. Miloševo, Ečka and Pančevo. More than 1200 Roma women have attended our programs.


We are members of Roma Women Network and Roma Women Network Banat, as well as other feminist networks in the country.


Untitled1Roma Women’s Center Romnjako Ilo

Phone: +381 23 775 843



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