Roma Women’s Center Bibija – Belgrade

Our organization started in Belgrade in 1998. Our goal was to make Roma women’s rights more visible and to shed a light on prejudice, discrimination and abuse. We offer support to Roma women and we connect them with official institutions and other groups.


Bibija’s spheres of work include education, employment, measures that decrease abuse of women, healthcare, regional cooperation of Roma women’s organization and lobbying to improve Roma women’s status.


We have accomplished over 60 project up to date. We cover more than 55 Roma communities in Belgrade and surrounding area. Over 6000 Roma women attended our workshops. Activities encompass psychosocial workshops with women in their environment and we promote women’s human rights and right to education and healthcare.


Our legal center offers free services to Roma women. We also focus on economic strengthening of women.


We organize workshops and seminars about women’s human rights, minority rights, political participation of Roma women in our society, organizational structure of women’s NGO’s…


We offer printed materials about the importance of women’s health, status of national minority, in both Roma and Serbian language, Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities, Patient Bill of Rights.

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We publish Rromnjaki zor – Snaga žene monthly, bilingual magazin. We help in the process of forming and empowering young women’s organizations. We lobby and represent improvement of Roma women’s social status in Serbia, on both national and international levels.


We write alternative reports for ratified international conventions signed by our country.

RWC Bibija is a founding member of Roma Women’s Network.


In cooperation with our sister organizations and initiatives from Roma Women’s Network, we prepared shadow reports about implementation of Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities, as well as alternative reports on Roma women’s status for UN CEDAW. During the Month of Roma Women’s Activism campaign, we promote work of Roma women’s organization and initiatives. Our work promotes decrease of stereotypes, prejudice, and all shapes of discrimination agains Roma women.










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