Roma Women’s Association Sastipe – Vranje

20150307_0201_ppSastipe means “health”. We started and named our organization in Vranje in 2002.

We had to gather as informal group – Roma Women’s Initiative – Vranje since 2010, due to low financial resources. We will register our organization again during Month of Roma Women’s Activism campaign.


Our goal is to increase awareness about the importance of healthcare, prevention, women’s health… Woman’s health does not depend on her alone, there are many other deciding factors.


Women’s health is influenced by the patriarchal society and discrimination Roma women face within our healthcare system. This leads to distrust in healthcare system. This is the main reason why we empower, educate, and inform other Roma women in our city. We also work on education and awareness of healthcare workers.


We are focused on improvement of Roma status in other spheres as well. Together with organizations from Roma Women Network, we participated in initiation of Local Action Plan for Improvement of Roma Women’s Status in Vranje.

We think that women need to participate in public and social life. We discussed the importance of women’s participation in political sphere during our election workshop for National Council of Roma National Minority.


Sastipe is a member of Roma Women’s Network since the beginning. We participate in all activities organized by the Network.

We organize health checks during Month of Roma Women’s Activism.


We organized action Breakfast With a Purpose this year, to gather women from the community, health center’s representatives, and activists.

Theme of this meeting was Roma Women Then and Now.



Phone: +381 64 40 16 64 67



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