Roma Women’s Association Nada – Aleksinac

Our association gathers activists devoted to Roma men and women of Aleksinac. We want to be recognized locally as equal partner in problem-solving for our community.


We exist since 2008, and since the start, we have been implementing education programs and empowerment of the most vulnerable groups in Roma community: women and children. Our activities are focused on education, healthcare, gender equality, housing, environment and political participation.


We are proud of our work with children – specially girls. We encourage them to continue education and to strengthen their talents and qualities while doing so. Our workshops provide information to Roma girls and boys about affirmative measures, stipends and opportunities to enroll in high schools and universities.


Our children participated in numerous theater shows that drew crowd from the entire Aleksinac. Ugly Duckling and Pengu’s Fairytale were the most popular.

We teach children about the ecology and we have organized river cleanup – Spring Cleaning of Aleksinac, Planetize – recycle, and Let’s Clean Serbia!

10670146_570651776393755_2956520964874129702_nWe are for systemic problem solutions in our county. We have initiated Local Action Plan for Improvement of Roma Education, which has been adopted. We are for creation of the Local Action Plan for Improvement of Roma Women’s Status, together with Women Space from Niš and Ternipe from Pirot, since gender equality holds a special place for us.

We motivate and inform locals about the importance of the political participation. We held a series of workshops on the topic during the National Council of Roma National Minority election, together with other groups from Roma Women’s Network.


We are members of Roma Women’s Network. Through our local activities, we promote Roma women’s activist and solidarity and networking among women.

We actively participate in Month of Roma Women’s Activity campaign.

One of the important results of 2011 campaign is the fact that Roma community in Prćilovci solved the problem of drinking-water supply and sanitation.



Phone: +281 64 15 222 69


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