Roma Women Initiative – Pirot

We are young (still in high schools and at Universities) Roma women, gathered in an informal society – Roma Women Initiative – Pirot.


Our initiative exists since 2006. That is when we joined activities organized by Women Space from Niš, thus becoming active in our local area.

We want to make Roma women more visible in our city. We want successful Roma women to have a platform for their voice. It is important to shed a light on societal position as well as problems that are thrown our way.


We initiate conversations topics on discrimination, unemployment, education problems, housing, health, and many others.


We organized a series of workshops, public speakings, round tables and conferences. We participated in various TV and radio shows. We spoke to representatives of local self-government, Center for Social Work, health services, National Employment Service.

Our initiative is a member of Roma Women Network and we have represented the Network several times during international events.



Some of the noteworthy actions are:

“We are Roma Women, too” – our first action during the Month of Roma Women Activism. We attracted a large number of people, among them representatives of Roma community and Pirot County. We talked about the problems female Roma students encounter in education.


We are regular participants in Month of Roma Women Activism and March 8th Parade of feminist groups.

We have participated in numerous international conferences, workshops and summer schools.

Our initiative submitted work for the Shadow Report on the position of Roma women in Serbia, at the UN Convention on Elimination of Discrimination Against Women.


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