Roma Women Initiative – Lebane

Lebane is an impoverished county in Southern Serbia. The situation of Roma men and women is rather difficult. Most of the families depend on welfare services.

Women are endangered in many ways – due to unemployment, discrimination, poverty, family abuse, lack of education…

_DSC0749Our initiative exists since 2012, when we joined the Month of Roma Women’s Activism campaign. We want to find a solution for a difficult position we are in.

IMG_20140325_130423We organize workshops with women in Roma communities and we implement activities that target improvement of women’s healthcare.

IMG_20140325_124953We are part of the “Together We Can” subnetwork, which gathers Roma activists in Southern Serbia.

We participated in educational workshops which promoted capacity increase of Roma women’s initiatives, organized by Women Space in Niš and Ternipe in Pirot.


During those activities, our county signed a memorandum on collaboration of municipal government and Roma women activists. We are working on creating local action plans to improve status of women and economic strengthening of Roma women.

We believe that out initiative will continue developing and that we will soon form an organization that will represent Roma women’s interests in Lebane county.





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