Roma Women Initiative – Dimitrovgrad

Dimitrovgrad is a border county without Roma women’s organization. There are many problems for Roma women, and not much interest for their status. We realized that something needed to be done to remedy this.

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We are doing our best to promote the importance of education, health, and identity in Roma community.

Special focus is turned on women’s rights in family and community, as well as economic strengthening for women. We organized a computer school for women to empower and educate them. We plan on starting up a women’s cooperative.

In our local community we shatter prejudice through our activities. We negotiate systemic solutions with the policy makers.

Together with the organizations Women Space from Niš and Ternipe from Pirot, we opened the conversation about preparation of the Local Action Plan for Improvement of Roma Women’s Status in Dimitrovgrad county.

We participated in increasing capacity of Roma women’s initiative, through Roma Women Network in Southern Serbia called Together We Can.

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Our initiative is very new and we do not have a lot of members. However, we work daily on becoming stronger and we aim to gather as many women as possible, to make Dimitrovgrad a place where all Roma women are being treated as equal citizens. In order to reach that level – we value solidarity of all women. We are specially grateful to our sisters-in-arms, activists of The Independent Women’s Center from Dimitrovgrad.

We are part of Women In Black, and participate in peaceful activities.

3 (1)We also participate in Month of Roma Women’s Activism campaign, in order to showcase our struggle and activism.

It is our goal to register first Roma women’s organization in Dimitrovgrad.



Roma Women Initiative – Dimitrovgrad

Phone: +381 64 17 55 066



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