Roma Women Initiative – Bujanovac

In our county there is still no trace of a Roma women’s organization. We have decided to take matter into our own hands and to develop activities at the local community with the support of other Roma Women Network members.


We are devoted to strengthening Roma women’s activism in Bujanovac and the surrounding area. We have developed a large number of workshops in both Serbian and Roma language since 2006.


Beside Bujanovac, we are active in nearby Preševo as well. Huge response of women and their satisfaction with the given information and their new experience proves that there is an enormous need for this type of work in southern part of Serbia.


Some of the topics we cover include education of Roma women an raising consciousness about the importance of improvement of Roma population’s status. We specially focus on women’s rights in the family and in the community. We offer information on health protection and healthcare approach.

We are of the opinion that it is important to talk about women’s presence in political life. We informed Roma women of their voting rights, during the elections for National Committee of Roma Minority. This was started by the members of our Network.


Together with our sister organizations Women Space in Niš and Ternipe in Pirot, we started cooperation with the decision makers and we opened up important topics. One of them is development of a local action plan for the improvement of Roma women’s status in Bujanovac.

Every year during the campaign of Month of Roma Women’s Activism, we organize health check ups and women’s health workshops.


During this year’s campaign we will register first Roma women’s organization in Bujanovac.

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