Roma Women Initiative – Babušnica

We are a women’s group, active in a county that is, according to the statistics, one of the poorest ones in Serbia. We have gathered around the idea that Roma women’s status can be improved. Our goal is to shed light on the importance of finding a solution to problems we are facing.


One of the most important activities is informing Roma community about the affirmative measures in education. We help young Roma people with high school and university enrollment process. We educate about the importance of education.

We are active in encouraging women to gain economic strength. Together we create handmade works of art. Our idea is to open this up to sales, so that women can actually gain monetary security and autonomy.


We cooperate with local self government in Babušnica. We have initiated a creation of Local Action Plan for Improvement of Roma Women’s Status and our county showed readiness in participating. Cooperation agreement for creation and implementation of this action plan was signed between our initiative, local government and Women Space (Niš) and Ternipe (Pirot) organizations.


We are proud to be empowered, encouraged and ready to see our initiative grow into an organization.


We are part of the network Together We Can, which gathers Roma activists from Southern Serbia. We are so happy to be a part of Roma women’s movement. We participate in the Month of Roma Women’s Activism campaign and by doing so, we shatter prejudice and stereotypes.


Roma Women Initiative – Babušnica

Phone: 0655618751





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