Roma Women Association Amaryllis, Novi Sad

We founded our group in 2012 designated to promote social integration and gather Roma, Egyptian and Ashkali women.

Our goal is to provide as much information to Roma women as possible, to help with realization and defense of human rights. We organize educational workshops which cover topics of healthcare, women’s human rights, education and importance of political participation.

One of our activities focuses on kindergarten enrollment of Roma children. Only a small number of Roma children attends kindergarten and this puts them in an unequal position from the start. We think that education starts even before the first grade of elementary school and that early education start really creates a difference.

We organized numerous round tables and conferences which promote Roma women’s status topics.

In our opinion, problems of Roma women need to be addressed systematically. We cooperate with policy makers in Novi Sad and we promote creation of Local Action Plan for Improvement of Roma Women’s Status.

We are proud to be a part of Roma Women Network since the beginning. We are also proud participants with other organizations and initiatives in actions which accent the importance of Roma women’s active participation in all spheres of social life. Our organization has represented the Network several times in national and international gatherings.

We are specially happy to participate in Month of Roma Women’s Activism campaign. Citizens of Novi Sad then have a chance to hear about the importance of our work as well as a different approach to Roma women’s lives. This is how we work on expanding horizons.


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