Roma Students Initiative

Our initiative is an informal group of young Roma women. We have organized activities focused on increased visibility of Roma women in Serbian universities since 2011.

Our Facebook group gathers almost two hundred female students of Roma nationality from Serbia. We use it to inform everyone of current activities in Roma community, Roma female movement, current open calls to improve students’ status and additional informal education.


We are working on overcoming differences among youth, set by society. We also develop principles based on equality, multiculturalism, solidarity and community work. We cooperate with youth, women’s and student organizations. We open questions about Roma students’ status (male and female) as well as other young Roma people in Serbia.

5 Gradimo prijateljstva i partnerstva sa drugim organizacijama

We participate in the activities and campaigns that promote education of Roma people, specially girls.

Activities are being held in Novi Sad.

We participated in creating of the Local action plan for Roma women of Novi Sad, which now contains nine additional measures to promote Roma students’ standard.

4 Akcija Sve ono sto ja

During the Month of Roma Women’s Activism, on International Roma Day 2011, we organized a get together called “All That I Am”, meant to promote networking and interaction. This action gathered female professors from five different universities in Novi Sad, female Roma students, representatives of youth organizations, and media.

6 Akcija Boja koze nista ne moze
Street action “The Color of the Skin Doesn’t Mean a Thing” (part of our 2014 campaign), together with the activists from seven student organizations (based in different universities), we have organized around 170 male and female students to congratulate International Roma Day to Roma students, as a support message.

We regularly participate in special sessions of the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia, which cover status of Roma women and which are initiated by the Roma Women Network, during the Month of Roma Women’s Activism.

2 Govorimo u javnosti o problemima mladih Roma i Romkinja




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