Roma Strength Organization

Roma Strength is an organization located in Ilandža, small place in Alibunar County, South Banat region in Vojvodina (Serbia).

We have been in operation since 2010. Main activity is helping Roma men and women fulfill their rights and access important information. We have introduced them to The Decade of Roma Inclusion…

We are actively supporting Roma children in their pursue of education, specially girls. Our goal is to see them accomplish their education goals and to be eligible for scholarships. We are notifying the community about scholarship funds and deadlines. When they apply, we help them with application forms and necessary paperwork. We are proud of the fact that four generations of “our” kids have successfully graduated high school and many of them went on to universities.

Ilandza1Dragica Novakov – ROMA STRENGHT

Early marriage (child/teenage bride) is a major topic covered by our organization. We organize workshops and talks on this topic with girls, teenagers and their parents. We visit them in their neighborhoods and we educate about the negative health and other consequences of early (child/teenage) marriage. We point out the importance of education for both male and female kids.

Roma Strength is a part of Roma Women Network and we participate in activities they organize. We are very fond of the important campaign: Month of Roma Women Activism.

Here is an example of a success story connected to this campaign:



In 2013 we organized an action: “Drinking coffee with…” We chose Mariška to be the one. We invited members of our local municipal government and several young Roma women from our neighborhood.


Mariška Novakov

Up to that point, Ilandža did not have pedagogical assistants in schools. During our coffee chat this topic took off, since all of us knew how needed this position was. One of the participants of this action, a woman who has graduated high school and had a diploma of Roma language teacher – got hired. She is now a pedagogical assistant in elementary school “Miloš Crnjanski”.

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