Roma Researchers – Žabalj

Our organization exists since 1999. It developed around the group of young Roma students at the University of Novi Sad, with the support of Prof. Svenka Savić and Women’s Studies and Research Program in Novi Sad.


Our headquarters is in Žabalj and our activities cover territory of Vojvodina.

We have several research projects behind us. We worked in education through preparation of young Roma men and women for their entrance exam for the school of continuing studies (for adults). We inform and guide them in the scholarship process for high schools and Universities.

We research conditions for better health coverage and employment through public speaking and work with Roma community.

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A very important topic dear to us is affirmation and tending to Roma culture. We work on promotion in Roma and general community. We have collected recipes of traditional Roma meals and we published the book. We also collected and published old Roma proverbs, in cooperation with The Museum of Srem (from Sremska Mitrovica).

Research on the topic of virginity cult in Roma community has been gathered in research titled: “Virgin, Yes or No?”.

We are focused on the improvement of Roma women activism. We are members of the Roma Women Network and we have also started an informal Roma Women Network of Vojvodina.


Publications of Roma Researchers – Žabalj:

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  • Bulletin – 10th Anniversary, 2009
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