Roma Cultural Society Romano Suno, Deronje

Romano Suno activists gathered and started an organization in 1998. Main focus is improvement of Roma community in Deronje, Odzaci county, Vojvodina.


We are active in areas of education, culture, and information. Together with young Roma, we organized educational actions on various topics in Roma language.

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We participated in 16 Days of Activism campaign, by organizing workshops about prevention of family abuse, abuse of women, and mechanism of defense against the abuse.


In these workshops, we promote the importance of education and we talk about risks of early marriage.


We discuss health, diseases, infections, importance of regular health checks and gynecological screening. Women from our area were very interested in these topics and had numerous questions.


Even though we are not a women’s organization, we participate in Month of Roma Women’s Activism regularly since 2011. We cover topics that are underrepresented, such as – gender equality, Roma women’s status, and erasing stereotypes. We introduce the public to our organization’s activities.


One of the most important actions is Drinking coffee with… which connects women from the Roma community with women in charge of decision-making process. We talked about everyday and women’s topics at our friend’s home.


Romano Suno

Phone: +281 25 87 21 30




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