Roma Center for Women and Children – DAJE, Belgrade

Our center exists since 2001, when Roma women of Zemun polje gathered. Women in this area were extremely endangered. Frequent rape and physical attacks on the road between the Roma community and urban parts of Zemun polje called for an urgent action. We had to do everything possible to protect lives of these women, so that they could move freely without being afraid.


Our first success is clearing of the forest and the four kilometers extension of the local bus line all the way to the Roma community.

Topic we cover include right to education, employment, healthcare, freedom in marriage choice and family planning. We help women who are without a physical address receive proper identification. This way, they can fulfill their social, legal and healthcare rights. We also help Roma families without legal documents register their kids for one of the Belgrade’s elementary schools.

We work on the improvement of systemic solutions for all of the problems we see and we create action plans for Roma women and displaced population.


Our History, Rights and Customs of Roma seminar was held at six Belgrade universities. We also published a book soon after.

We helped women and families that were displaced by last year’s floods.

Important part of our work consists of helping women – victims of abuse.

Next to activities that help improve social mechanisms in fight against family, sexual and other kind of abuse done to women and children of Roma nationality, we also work directly with women who are abuse victims. In 2009 we opened an SOS phone line in Roma and in Serbian language – this is a first one of its kind in Belgrade.

Our organization is part of Roma Women Network.


During the Month of Roma Women’s Activism campaign, we are organizing workshops for women and round table with decision makers. During the 2010 campaign, we promoted SOS phone helps for Roma women that were abuse victims, on the International Roma Day.

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Women we work with highlight how much our help means to them. Their feedback is precious to us and it shows us that we are on the right track.

SOS phone line is available to women that survived abuse and it is open on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays 2PM-6PM. This service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week via our mobile number.


+381 11 398 78 98

+381 63 340 365




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