Roma Association Osvit, Niš

Our association has just celebrated its 10th anniversary. We work on prevention and decrease of family abuse in Roma population by empowering women to break the abuse cycle. We influence the public and decision makers in the process of creating a non-discriminative society.


Our vision is: Open, Strong, Visible, Informed, Tolerant Roma woman, equal in her social environment.

We are for fulfillment of Roma women’s rights, regardless of nationality, education and social status. We are for increase of social inclusion and development of inclusive society. We are for poverty decrease and for improvement of availability and quality of formal and informal education and culture. We are for healthcare, environment and women’s security.


We work on defense of women and children against abuse, neglect, mistreatment, and violence.


We are also for adequate financial planning and budgeting, as well as transparent review of city budget.


We have organized around 30 projects in the past ten years. Main focus of all of them was the improvement of Roma women’s status and abuse prevention for Roma families.

We organized the first SOS phone line in Roma and Serbian language, which helped 1.212 Roma women and 1.635 women from the general population, bringing total number to 2.847 women.


Over 5000 Roma women from Niš and Southern Serbia took part in our workshops and projects.

We have informed 120 representatives of local government from Southern Serbia on topics of Roma culture, heritage and tradition.



We are the first NGO in the city to bring our members to the City Assembly, where they could witness the decision making process.


We have participated in writing of the shadow report for CEDAW commission. This resulted in UN Committee’s recommendations for improvement of Roma women’s and children’s quality of life in our country.

We have received the reward from OSCE: Best practical experience in inclusion of Roma women and men in the Western Balkans region – May 2013, in Sarajevo.

We are members of Roma Women’s Network.



Roma Women’s Association Osvit


+381 18 51 53 18

+381 64 20 36 147




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