Happy March 8th – International Women’s Day – To All of Us

International Women’s Day is a symbol of a fight for economic, political and social equality of women and men.

Thanks to the women’s emancipation movement, we now have the right to education and employment. Right to equal pay. Right to vote. Right to pregnancy and maternity leave, legal abortion…

However, Roma women still can’t utilize these rights. We are the poorest. We have the lowest employment rate. Our education rate is the lowest in our society. We are facing the highest percentage of discrimination and violence in all spheres of life. Statistics show that only 1 out of 100 Roma lives to be 60. Even though statistics show that women in general live longer than men, this is not the case in Roma population. Average lifespan of a Roma woman in Serbia is 48 years!

March 8th is important to us from the political aspect!

We are joining the women from around the world, as participants in the feminist movement. We are marking this day the same way our feminist predecessors marked it: courageously and loudly!

We are on the streets and we demand our rights!

Roma Women Network, Network of Women Against Violence, Network of Women in Black and Union division of women for March 8th are organizers of the protest march that starts at 1PM at The Republic Square in Belgrade.


Our strength is: SOLIDARITY – with all poor and discriminated; INTERNATIONALISM – because only united we can bring down mechanism that produces war and poverty; CONTINUITY of all sorts of fights against the injustice!

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