Center for Development of Open Society Agora, Bela Palanka

Agora Center from Bela Palanka exists since 2012. It’s made up from activists for human rights from the entire territory of Serbia. Our wish is to see everyone get an equal chance to prosperity and dignity.

We fight for human rights of all citizens of Bela Palanka, specially marginalized groups. We believe that everyone deserves respectable life and equal chance.

We promote tolerance and multiculturalism, social integration, inclusion and democracy. We stimulate citizens’ participation in community and society development. We organize public speaking, round tables, workshops and trainings.

We call for systemic problem solutions in our county. We research and participate in media campaigns.

We also collaborate with local and state institutions, education sector, cultural centers, healthcare centers, social centers, National Employment Services. We also work with other civil society organizations and networks.

We participate in Month of Roma Women’s Activism, since 2010. During this campaign, we organize gender equality actions. We empower young Roma women to be active themselves.

During the campaign, our activist participated in street performance All That I Am. Performance had a tremendous impact on citizens of many Serbian towns, during its three years running time.

We, as activists, are very proud of everything our members and volunteers do, for supporting us and our idea of gender equality.

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Center for Development of Open Society Agora

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