Association Ternipe, Pirot

Our association started on April 8th and marks 5th anniversary this year. We work on integration of Roma men and women, with special focus on youth and women. Our organization’s name means “youth”.


Our resources are mostly young Roma people with experience of peer counseling, coaching, and organizational field work. We have dance, ethno, drama, and sports departments. We held several concerts, theater productions, and shows-on-the-road.

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We implement Roma youth development projects. Our city’s Roma communities have two sports parks and one regular park – all thanks to our volunteers.

During Pirot’s summer cultural program, we present Roma to Their City program, which aims to present and preserve Roma culture.

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We organize seminar, workshops, discussion panels, round tables, exhibits, and other public event that promote strength of our community. We frequently cover human rights, fight against human trafficking, fight against early/child marriage and other themes in our work.

We cooperate with Pirot county and other institutions in order to solve many problems of  Roma community. Our organization is a member of Panel for Gender Equality of Pirot county. Majority of our work focuses on improvement of Roma women’s status. We are particularly proud of our economic empowerment for women program.

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We participated in various working groups for implementation of local action plans for kids, youth, and improvement of women’s status. We have initiated Local action plan for economic strengthening of Roma women, which was accepted.

We have organized first Roma Women Business Forum for economic strengthening of Roma women in 2013. We also formed A Little Workshop, a place where Roma women learn how to create and make jewelry and souvenirs. We have participated in numerous women’s exhibits throughout the country.

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We are members of Roma Women Network. Every year, during Month of Roma Women’s Activism, we gather and organize round tables and workshops.




Association Ternipe

Phone: +381 61 32 24 695





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