April 8th – International Roma Day

Special session on Inclusion of Roma 2014/15 results and challenges, April 8th – International Roma Day.


This year’s Month of Roma Women’s Activism campaign is also ending in a working and celebratory atmosphere, in the National Assembly of Serbia.

08.04.2015. 12.00.29

On April 8th, International Roma Day, Committee for Human and Minority Rights and Gender Equality held a session that covered Roma Inclusion 2014-2015 – results and challenges.

08.04.2015. 11.48.22

Roma Women’s Network activists presented achievements for the past year, as well as other, to us important topics.

08.04.2015. 12.01.02

Slavica Vasić, representative of Roma Women’s Network, made the introduction. Radmila Zećirović, Ana Saćipović and Slavica Rakić presented on important topics of The Roma Decade on our territory, politics of fight against women’s abuse, and inclusive education.

08.04.2015. 12.01.18

This session is organized by The Government Office for Human and Minority Rights of Serbia, Roma National Minority Council, and Roma Women’s Network, with support of OSCE Mission to Serbia.




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